Car Accident Attorney in Key West

Personal Injury From Automobile Accidents

If you have suffered a personal injury caused by the negligence or recklessness of another, you need a Florida Keys attorney who know the insurance companies and how they will evaluate your case.  Key West Lawyer is that Florida lawyer.  My Key West Lawyer knows the ins and outs of how the insurance companies think and operate. My Key West Lawyer knows how the insurances companies will put a dollar amount on how much your accident claim is worth.

Florida Keys accident attorney My Key West Lawyer has over 23 years legal experience who specializes in personal injury and accident cases.  The goal of Key West Lawyer My Key West Lawyer is to get our clients the compensation they deserve when they are injured by the negligence of others.  Key West Lawyer My Key West Lawyer handles all types of personal injury cases, including those involving the following:

Former Insurance Attorney My Key West Lawyer has the experience in handling personal injury cases to know that there are many things that an insurance company won’t tell you.

If you or your loved one has been injured in an accident, contact My Key West Lawyer for a consultation and to evaluate of your claim.  We will provide you with years of legal experience.  Whether your case can be resolved through mediation, or it requires litigation, let the experienced Florida Keys Personal Injury Attorneys work for you.