Traffic Tickets

If you’ve received a traffic ticket in Key West, Islamorada, Marathon, Plantation Key, or anywhere in the Florida Keys and want to fight it in court, make sure you can prove, without a doubt, that you are innocent. For instance, if you received a speeding ticket the judge may ask you when the last time you got a speeding ticket or had your speedometer checked and ask for a copy of the documentation.

The judge will then turn to the police officer and ask him for his record of having the police car’s speedometer checked to prove the speeding ticket. The police officers know the drill and will be prepared. If you aren’t prepared, you’ll lose your case!  You need an attorney in Key West, Islamorada, Marathon and Plantation Key with experience. Hiring a traffic ticket attorney is a wise idea if you want to plead not guilty.

What Happens When You are Found Guilty For A Traffic Ticket

Judges review thousands of cases involving traffic tickets and infractions and often times ask for details such as speedometer checks before not guilty pleas are issued. If you cannot prove without a reasonable doubt at a court hearing in Key West, Islamorada, Marathon, Plantation Key and the Florida Keys, your innocence you may end up paying more and being court ordered to attend a traffic school.  Click here for the points you can get on your driver’s license.

Be Prepared or Pay Big Penalties

In the state of Florida, Key West, Islamorada, Marathon and Plantation Key, if you plan to fight a traffic ticket you must be prepared. One of the most common tickets are speeding tickets and judges have been known to ask defenders for records of having their speedometer checked for accuracy.

If the judge finds you guilty, you will most likely be charged additional penalties up to $1,000 in some counties, court ordered to attend traffic school, receive points on your drivers license along with other penalties.

If you feel you can fight the traffic ticket then be prepared when you step into court by contacting a Florida Keys Attorney.

Fines and Penalties

Not only you will have to pay a traffic ticket fine, but you will also have points added to your driving record. Additionally, you may be required to pay surcharges. The amount of surcharges that you may have to pay varies, depending on the type of received traffic ticket and on the severity of the violation. Keep in mind that, if you get too many points on your driving record within one year, you may also be subject to license suspension. However, you can remove them from your record if you complete a basic driver improvement course after receiving your traffic ticket. Don’t forget to notify the court within one month of being cited if you are interested in this option. If you choose to undergo an improvement course, you will prevent the increase in your car insurance rates. Also, it will help you reduce, or even eliminate, points from your driving record.