Arrested For Drug Offense

With over 23 years experienced as a Former Prosecutor and Assistant State Attorney in Baltimore County, Maryland and along with serving in the Florida Keys as an Assistant Public Defender, Key West Lawyers have the experience to understand the needs of those clients arrested for drug possession.

In Monroe County, Key West, Islamorada, Marathon and Plantation Key & the Florida Keys, drug cases are taken very seriously by the State Attorney’s Office.  A drug conviction can have drastic affects on your freedom, your wallet, your ability to secure a job or own a home, and your ability to keep your driver’s license.  In fact, if you are convicted of a drug charge in the state of Florida, your driver’s license will be suspended for a 2 year period.
Furthermore, other than possession of cannabis (marijuana) under 20 grams, which is a first degree misdemeanor, all other drug charges are considered felonies.  Furthermore, if you are caught selling or purchasing drugs, the charges and consequences can increase.
Defending against drug charges in Key West, Islamorada, Marathon, Plantatin Key and the Florida Keys requires a criminal defense attorney that is skilled in search and seizure law.  The 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution protects individuals against unreasonable searches and seizures by the government.
Oftentimes, a law enforcement officer will not have a valid reason to stop a person or pull over a vehicle for drugs.  Also, the officer requires probable cause or consent by the defendant to search that person’s vehicle or person for drugs.   If the officer has found the drugs illegally, then the drugs can not be used in court and many times the State Attorney will have to dismiss your case.

Investigate your situation

Perhaps the policeman that detained you has actually missed out on a few essential proofs that could show your virtue. Your lawyer will certainly check out the instance seriously. He will certainly utilize a selection of sources to set up proofs to protect your legal rights. Lawbreaker defense attorneys are specialists concerning every facet of legislation. They recognize ways to deal such instances for a beneficial result.
A knowledgeable lawyer could decrease your sentence as well as penalties. Nevertheless, it is necessary to employ a legal representative when you are accused of a crime. Any kind of oversight could cost you a great deal in the future. A competent lawyer will certainly organize all evidence to construct a solid defense to minimize your penalties in case you are convicted. A reputed attorney will certainly have an excellent track record in court. Experience will allow them to understand several of the local Florida laws, and also the district attorneys. This will certainly aid in bargaining offers as well as plea to reduce your penalties.
There may be other possible defenses that you are unaware of, so it is very important that you hire an experienced Key West, Islamorada, Marathon, Plantation Key & Florida Keys Monroe County criminal defense attorney with extensive knowledge of search and seizure law, to examine your case and prepare your defense.
The Florida Keys Criminal Trial Attorneys at My Key West Lawyer serve the entire Florida Keys, including Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, Big Pine Key and Key West.