Have you been charged with a driving under the influence? If you are arrested and charged for drunk driving, you should act quickly and hire an experienced lawyer to defend you. However, finding a qualified lawyer in your area is not that easy as it may seem. Proceeding without an experienced DUI lawyer is not a good idea, because if you lose the case, you may experience severe consequences that will affect every aspect of your life. Choose our law firm if you want to obtain the optimum results of your case. Our top priority is to fight for your rights and provide top notch legal representation for criminal cases such as DUI.


In order to properly defend you, a lawyer must be specialized in DUI. Only a professional who specializes in drunk driving cases has DUI laws at his fingertips, and knows how to handle DUI cases from arrest to verdict with ease. Our experience and wealth knowledge has allowed us to establish a reputation of confident attorneys with an aggressive approach and great negotiation skills. Have in mind that you need a tough, adamant legal representative who is able to navigate you through the legal system and fight for your rights. Specialists understand the law, and they know the local regulations, as well as the local judges. Those factors may be crucial for reducing your penalties or even have your charges dropped.


If you are charged for driving while intoxicated, only an experienced lawyer can help you reduce the penalties or have the charges dropped. Since we have served many clients in Key West Florida, we have years of experience in the field that allows us to handle any DUI case with ease. We will examine all the gathered evidence against you and bring the facts before a court of law. In some cases, it is even possible to turn the evidence against you in your favor. We will give our best to give valuable argument on behalf of the accused and help a wrongly accused person from legal punishment.

Passion and Confidence

People choose criminal defense attorneys on various criteria. Most of them search for reputed defense attorneys with years of experience and a successful track record. Apart from these important qualities, you should also look for a lawyer that has passion and confidence. Passion will ensure he strives hard enough to ensure fair trial and justice for the client. Confidence is necessary to adequately represent the client and bring strong arguments before a court of law that will convince the jury to reduce or drop the charges for DUI or at least to reduce penalties and fines. A confident lawyer is upfront in raising questions and taking initiative in the legal proceedings. He is also always available to support the client and guide him through the complicated legal system.

Well-Versed with Jurisdiction

Lawyers well-versed in legal proceedings can, apart from providing proper assistance in DUI cases, also find certain loopholes in the legal procedure that will ensure the DUI charges are reduced or dropped. For example, a well-versed attorney can convince the jury that the results of a chemical breath test are not 100% reliable.

Friendly and Polite

Lastly, a good DUI lawyer should be polite and friendly to his clients. You should always feel comfortable and relaxed talking and working with your attorney. We will also always provide you the necessary personal support and gladly answer to all your questions.